Electrolink provides you the finest quality of Stabilizers (A.C., Mainline, LED, Refridgerator), Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Constant Voltage Transformers. Our products are mainly manufactured with the aim of high quality and power-saving technology.

Stabilizer For AC, Mainline, LED, & Refrigerator

Power supply is erratic at most places in India, with voltage fluctuating in both directions (up and down) at many places frequently. These voltage fluctuations can damage appliances, there by causing them to end much before their normal useful life. The Electrolink stabilizer can help you to balance your fluctuation. It performs in wide input range (Working 50V to 165V), Available in both Aluminium and Copper Wound Transformer, High and Low Voltage Cutoff options also available, Elegently designed powder coated metallic chassis, Intelligent Time Delay System, Eye-friendly Green and Moonlight Display, Power Saving Technology, High Quality components

Servo voltage stabilizer

A Servo Stabilizer is not just a voltage fixing system, but a completely reliable energy device that is advantageous over the traditional relay based stabilizer. We have quite a number of benefits of using Servo: High voltage correction accuracy with output of ±1 voltage correction, Switch less system to adjust fluctuating voltage at desired levels, High load capacity that supports up to 5000 KVA or above, Voltage is based on step less correction, Perfect stabilization for hospitals best for intricate machineries like X-ray machines, CAT scans, radiation and diagnostic equipments, Wide functioning area from schools, offices, homes and industries, Oil cooled and air cooled transformers that fit your budget.

Constant Voltage Transformer

The very best power protection comes from a special type of transformer known as a Constant Voltage Transformer ( CVT). Providing unparalleled reliability and conditioning performance, spikes and electrical noise are neutralised with attenuation as high as 75dB. In addition the input (or primary) and output (or secondary) transformer windings are physically separated. Known as Galvanic isolation this separation ensures that there is no direct connection between the mains supply and load. A CVT therefore provides an impenetrable barrier to spikes and high frequency electrical noise. This barrier also works in reverse mode to prevent a 'noisy' load from polluting the mains supply itself.


Electrolink has been serving the nationwide for more than two decades now. It was incorporated in 1995 with the aim to provide high quality products in the Indian electronic market. In order to fulfill our aim, we have installed latest plant and machinery in our manufacturing unit located in Delhi. Our R&D Laboratory is fully equipped with most modern & calibrated testing equipments to cater for R&D and testing of our products as per national and international standards. As technology evolves, we promise to stay relevant and updated with it to give you the highest quality product after every change.